New subterranean circulation axis in Seoul, defined by a glass and steel structure 600 metres long. A distinctive prismatic envelope draws natural light and air into the underground spaces.

The Lightwalk is a unique thoroughfare beneath a large area of green space in the Gangnam neighbourhood of Seoul.

Known as ‘Greenland’, the park sits over the GITC (Gangnam Intermodal Transit Centre), a multimodal transit station between a major convention centre (COEX) and the Global Business Center (GBC). The Lightwalk connects all three, creating a new circulation axis.

Eckersley O’Callaghan is providing engineering services for the project’s design, which uses varying levels of reflection and refraction to diffuse natural light into the underground spaces. Advanced systems of thermal insulation and natural ventilation ensure the comfort and energy efficiency of the project.

The glass and steel structure is 600 metres long and 10 metres wide. It crosses the Greenland park at a depth of 10 metres, with an incline bringing it down to a depth of 20 metres at each end.

The Lightwalk comprises a waterproof double-layer envelope of a triangular and prismatic shape that’s two metres thick. The inner skin and its associated panels are attached to a V-shaped stainless steel frame. The outer glass skin is laminated to create a continuous smooth surface.

Seoul, Korea

Seoul Metropolitan Government

Dominique Perrault