Transformation of an existing courtyard into a ground floor pavilion with a large glass facade, showcasing the Norman Foster Foundation’s collection of architectural materials.

A palatial building in Madrid’s diplomatic quarter has been transformed into the headquarters of the Norman Foster Foundation, a research and education centre containing an archive of drawings, models and designs from throughout Sir Norman Foster’s career.

Eckersley O’Callaghan provided structural engineering services for the glass and facade scope of the Foundation’s ground floor pavilion, constructed within an existing courtyard. The pavilion uses laminated glass walls varying in height from five to six metres, which partially support a steel and glass fibre roof structure. These walls required extensive buckling analysis due to the vertical dead loads they support.

The facade contains a robust architecturally-visible steel portal, and a distinctive glass door that opens on a pivot, with a single wheel and runner. The portal was designed during the construction phase, necessitating close coordination with the contractor.

Eckersley O’Callaghan also contributed to the design of the internal glass vitrines, carrying out analysis and testing of the UV-bonded glass cases. Additionally, we have been involved in testing and designing new furniture with the Foundation, including a carbon fibre table, and chairs formed from stainless steel tubes.

Madrid, Spain

Norman Foster Foundation

Norman Foster Foundation

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