As the client's facade adviser on the expansion of the celebrated museum, we assisted in the rationalisation and quality control of the solid and glazed elements, which features a bespoke unitised system with FRP panels to create the sculptural form.


San Francisco



EOC is retained as the owner’s facade adviser for a 225,000sf expansion of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, designed by Snøhetta.

The facade features a mix of solid and glazed elements – the solid elements in the form of large-format moulded FRP panels with a unique geometry and forming a series of warped intersecting planes. The glazed elements include tall frameless panels specially detailed to accommodate seismic movements.

EOC has assisted in rationalisation of the glazing and solid wall / FRP construction and evaluating the contractors’ proposals to achieve the design intent in a cost-effective solution. We have assisted through fabrication and installation to carry out quality assurance monitoring and ensure the design quality is maintained through construction. 


The project is set to achieve LEED Gold certification.


151 3rd St

San Francisco

CA 94103


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