New headquarters building for the International Agency for Research on Cancer, featuring innovative use of thermochromic technology in its facade.

Part of the World Health Organization, which is itself governed by the United Nations, the IARC is an intergovernmental research agency, which investigates the causes of cancer. Based in Lyon, the organisation will be moving to a new headquarters building, designed by Art & Build Architects.

Eckersley O’Callaghan is providing engineering services for the project’s technologically-advanced facade. Cutting-edge innovations featured in the envelope include shape memory materials, resembling flower petals, that will provide passive solar protection, and thermochromic glazing, which will react to sunlight, becoming partially opaque to reveal floral motifs that minimise heat gain.

Activated by the sun’s energy, these systems require little human intervention and reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

We have conducted detailed research into the environmental effects of thermochromics to ensure benefits are maximised for this new building.

The project brief also specified a requirement for high weatherproof and acoustic performance.


IARC & Lyon Métropole

Art & Build