Apple Bondi Junction features a completely glass facade with large central glass doors protected by an overhead glass canopy and a large internal skylight.

Apple Bondi Junction stands prominently on Oxford Street, one of Sydney’s major shopping thoroughfares. The store features a skewed 6m high, all glass facade split into three panels with a central set of glass doors under a 1m deep, 5m wide cantilevering glass canopy. To the rear of the store, there is a large glass skylight letting natural light flood into the space below. We have designed all of the specialist glass elements for the store.

The glass panels are supported by two slender internal glass fins which are both cut at a skew through their thickness to mirror the line of the facade.

The glass canopy is supported entirely by the glass facade and is fixed back to the flanking glass fins with a pair of fully bespoke stainless steel bolted glass connections on either side. Setting blocks, embedded in the glass plies, allow some of the load of the canopy to be taken on the facade panels.

Within the store, the rear area is lit by an impressive 11m wide glass skylight which is made up of four, 2.2m wide panels of glass. The panels are supported by a grillage of sleek stainless steel beams, carefully detailed to minimise their impact and maximise the light into the store.

Sydney, Australia