A reimagining of the casino typology presents an airy and modern elevated structure wrapped by timber louvres.

This lakeside, airy, modern and light-filled building in Giffaumont-Champaubert, Marne, provides a multifunction recreational facility on Lac du Der.

Designed by Data Architects, the 2000 square-metre building comprises two levels in a Y-shape; a garden-level section built into a slope overlooked by a steel structure clad in wood and glass. 

The structure consists of a steel frame with a clear span of 11.2 metres, supported on thin circular posts with cantilevers beyond.

This open space accommodates a 600-square-metre casino, an adjustable multipurpose area of 300 square metres, a 60-seat restaurant and a bar.

Giffaumont-Champaubert, France

Casino du Lac Der – JOA

DATA Architectes