Prestigious private members club in London, located in a Grade I Listed Georgian building in Berkeley Square.

As part of the extensive redevelopment, a new garden dining room was created with a spectacular glass sliding roof. The roof is 13m wide and 20m long. It comprises 6 principle sliding, encapsulating arched panels, one of which has to accommodate a bay window projection, together with 2 smaller panels which retract in the opposite direction. The main arches are untied, and the whole roof sits on top of freestanding walls which cantilever upwards, this potentially creates large deflections which have to be carefully calculated and controlled in order to ensure the reliability of the sliding mechanism.

Duplex 2205 stainless steel was used to deal with the reduction in stiffness as stress increases, in order to keep the section sizes as minimal as possible. Double glazed IG units are used with non-toughened annealed glass and interlayers and coatings selected for the required visual quality of the partially curved/ flat panels.

London, UK