Extensive refurbishment of a Victorian house with new additions and floating planes of masonry to the elevations.

Grand Designs Extension of the Year 2013

This Victorian residential property was extensively refurbished and re-modelled. The scheme was characterised by floating planes and framed views.

New connections and volumes were created within the existing building by removing walls and floors.

Floors were dropped to increase the heights of the lower spaces, requiring underpinning of existing walls.

The existing side wing was extended and rebuilt with a replica new facade, constructed in brick but held in a stainless steel frame. This was then suspended in front of the building behind, held off by two slender propping rods, and the gap between structurally glazed to light light in and out.

Further new spaces were added to the rear. Another suspended facade screens a new cantilevered external stair from the garden

Twickenham, UK


Ashton Porter