New-build residence in a rural location. Features a continuous 24-metre-long living space on the upper floor with clear glazed dividing walls.

Grand Designs Best New Build House 2007
RIBA Manser Medal 2006
RIBA National Award 2006
The Wood Award 2006, Private Houses
CPRE Norfolk Award 2006

Holly Barn is a new-build house situated on farmland in the Norfolk Broads. It is clad entirely in Siberian larch, a wood that resonates with the local vernacular of windmills and boat-houses.

At each gable end of the five-bedrooom house is an arc of mirror that defines the curved roof shape. The main living spaces and master bedroom are situated on the upper floor with windows running nearly the entire length of the buiding to make the most of views of the surrounding countryside.

Eckersley O’Callaghan has engineered the building with a series of steel portal frames that create single structurally clear spaces on both levels. The upper floor is then divided by lightweight partitions. 

Visual continuity of the dramatic proportions of this entire space is maintained by inserting glass walls onto the upper parts of these partitions and the exterior gables. 

We carried out careful analysis of the interaction between portal frame, cantilevering partition structure and the glass wall.

Reedham, UK


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