Conversion of dilapidated industrial buildings into a large private house, with a substantial new basement constructed underneath.

This large site in Primrose Hill is entirely hidden and accessed through a small opening in the surrounding terraces. It contained a collection of fragile old industrial buildings in various states of disrepair, including a large timber-framed structure built for drying fibrous plaster mouldings.

The existing buildings have been largely retained and restored, while a substantial new basement has been constructed across most of the site’s footprint.

A temporary contiguous piled wall was bored inside the existing perimeter of the site to enable the large excavation to be carried out while minimising movement of the many surrounding properties.

A permanent reinforced concrete basement structure was then built inside this. A combination of waterproof concrete and external tanking is used to keep the basement dry.

A new steel frame is supported on the concrete box, which is then used to stabilise the existing buildings.

The end result is a spectacular private house with office accommodation, including a swimming pool, car lift, cinema and gym, surrounding a secluded courtyard garden.

London, UK


Michaelis Boyd Associates