Pair of footbridges connecting two commercial buildings, incorporating steps and ramps to accommodate the level change between structures.

2022 Bridges Design Award (above £5m)

Eckersley O’Callaghan is collaborating with Wilkinson Eyre on the design of two footbridges linking Deloitte’s new headquarters with its 2 New Street Square office, creating a more connected campus.

The unusual form of each bridge was defined by  the level change that occurs between the buildings. Rather than taking up floor space within the buildings, the necessary ramps and stairs occur within the bridge, giving each a folded plate origami-like form. Our structural design takes advantage of the folded plate to create a stiff steel monocoque deck with soffit panels of bead-blasted and mirror polished stainless steel sheet.

The large glazed vertical facade walls continues  from soffit to roof between slender mullions at quarter points along the bridge. The roof is steel framed, with GFRP infill panels and a glazed strip roof light along the length of the bridge.

Our facade engineering team has solved the further challenge of seamlessly connecting the bridge envelope into the unitised facades of the adjacent buildings while accommodating large differential movements.

London, UK


Wilkinson Eyre