Living facade design for Europe’s largest timber structure and the world’s first fully biomimetic project.

The new Ecotone development in the Coteau region of Paris is architecture inspired by nature. The stunning new collection of office buildings will be encapsulated in a nature driven environment and will demonstrate what biomimicry can bring to architecture in terms of energy efficiency, aesthetic quality, durability and quality of use. It will show how the application of a biomimetic approach is changing in the usual course of an urban project.

Ecotone aims to make the link between the city and nature and construct a building which is the interface between these two environments. For the first time, a team of scientists and urban professionals have come together and worked together to create the first fully biomimetic project.

Eckersley O’Callaghan is carrying out the design for the living façade and roof for this remarkable development from the integrated gutters to recover and capture rainwater to be delivered to the plants, to the vast ETFE roof which encloses the area.

Structures to support the new planting will be incorporated into the facades design. Planting will be designed to filter the air, temper wind speeds, provide temperature and humidity control, and acoustic barriers from the outside world. They will also act as a sustainable drainage system which reduces water run off onto the surrounding hard surfaces to minimize flood risk.

The complex free form geometry of the roof has been optimized using parametric design to simplify and reduce complication during construction.

Spaces and walkways through the complex will be naturally ventilated through the façade to cool the spaces during the summer. In the winter cross ventilation openings will be closed to ensure solar gain through the ETFE roof is maximized to heat the space.

Paris, France

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