Renovation of The Calhoun School’s Main Building, expanding and remodelling the ground floor, with a floor-to-ceiling glazed facade and entrance vestibule.

The Calhoun School is an independent school on New York’s Upper West Side that accommodates pre-schoolers right through to grade 12 students. The school’s Main Building on 81st Street was originally completed in 1975, with a distinctive concrete and travertine facade.

In 2004, a major renovation designed by FXFOWLE added four new floors, while remodelling internal layouts and creating the eco-friendly Green Roof Learning Center. Ten years later, the architects returned to redevelop the ground floor, expanding its footprint to accommodate new and improved facilities.

The new Calhoun Commons is a mixed-use space that includes kitchens, dining room and space for community gatherings and events. The design also includes a new library, administrative offices and an expanded lobby.

Eckersley O’Callaghan provided engineering services for the floor-to-ceiling glazed facade of the new ground floor and entrance vestibule, which primarily involved applying our expertise in minimising glass thickness to enable a finless IGU facade. We engineered hidden glass captures to allow for this minimal thickness of glass.

Manhattan, NY

The Calhoun School