Extensive remodelling of an old building and a large new-build requiring a complex steel frame to make a special one-off house.

The Daily Telegraph British Homes Award,
Interior Design 2011

A remarkable collection of old buildings in the middle of Little Venice, including a stable block, a large workshop building and other ancillary buildings have been redeveloped. They had been used as a factory for many years. 

The majority of the original stable block was retained, while most of the remainder of the site was demolished. The whole site was then redeveloped as a private house. A large double-height extension was added, making a spectacular main space. This required complex steel framing. A new basement was excavated beneath to create a large private cinema. 

A large proportion of our work involved the design of retaining walls, underpinning and framing to stabilise existing structures, and dealing with foundation movements around trees.

We also worked closely with the architects to design the complex framing that forms the dramatic main space, as well as cantilevering bed platforms, hydraulic rotating doors and even chandelier structures. 

London, UK


Wells Mackereth