Our specialist facade access and maintenance strategies ensure safe, efficient inspection, cleaning, and sustainable upgrade of building envelopes.

A well-functioning building envelope is essential for retaining asset value and preventing costly repairs to both the building and facade.

Our in-house facade access and maintenance team work alongside our skilled facade engineers to develop facade access strategies and planned maintenance procedures that complement our facade diagnostic inspection service. We specialise in providing tailored solutions to address any unique design challenges, and we have the expertise to enhance the accessibility, safety, and efficiency of future maintenance operations.

Early consideration of facade access strategies is integral to a successful project, facilitating thorough coordination and preventing potential accessibility issues. Delaying consideration of facade access until the later stages of building designs can result in project delays, design changes, and suboptimal solutions, leading to increased construction and ongoing maintenance costs.  

Safety is paramount and our team produce thorough risk assessments to ensure the health and safety of building maintenance operatives, including height safety reviews in compliance with local regulations.

Sustainability is a crucial part of our facade access and maintenance role; effectively maintaining existing building stock ultimately minimises the need for new construction and associated carbon emissions. We also consider circularity in the construction and maintenance of building envelopes, understanding how each component can be maintained and replaced in future.