We provide sustainable engineering services which include helping our clients develop their roadmap to net zero by developing strategies for buildings and company portfolios.

In conjunction with this we can provide diagnostic, low carbon & resilience studies and undertake research to investigate solutions to support our clients and the wider sector in moving closer to decarbonisation in construction.

Net Zero Strategy: We help our clients develop their roadmap towards net zero by setting strategies for building structures and facades at the portfolio and building level. We can also define guidelines for a specific project to achieve defined sustainability targets.

Pre-development studies: We help implement circular economy strategies by identifying opportunities for repair, reuse and recycling. We do this by carrying out diagnostics of existing facades and structures and pre deconstruction studies.

Low-carbon studies: Through this study we can identify, optimize and specify low carbon materials and systems for building structures and facades

Resilience Design Studies: We can develop climate risk assessment and structural and facade mitigation strategies.

Research and Development: We actively participate in collaborative projects driving sustainable development and improvement programmes working alongside industry, universities, architects, clients and consultants.