Our skilled engineers apply a thorough technical understanding of facade design and construction to develop solutions for the most challenging projects.

With expertise rooted in a deep understanding of materials and systems, supply chains, building physics and digital design, our engineers provide innovative solutions that are sustainable and deliverable.

Our experience spans the globe and encompasses super-tall towers and landmark buildings down to private houses. We are also highly pragmatic and work closely with fabricators to ensure that procurement, sourcing and constructability are considered in our designs.

Sustainability and confronting the Climate Emergency is a key driver for us. We help architects develop passive design concepts to ‘do more with less’, making efficient use of materials while managing internal comfort and operational energy. We have strong analytical skills in modelling solar exposure, daylight and glare, allowing us to optimise building performance for multiple parameters.

We have a strong track record in adaptive reuse and refurbishment projects including heritage buildings. We offer detailed building performance assessments and forensic investigations of existing buildings to help guide upgrade retrofit strategies, and we are engaging on a building-level and industry wide solutions to realise circular economy principles in material reuse.

Using our global outlook and network, we are continuously working to ensure that our clients get good value for money and see the benefits of our holistic, specialist approach.