Meet…Oliver Rigg, Facade Access & Maintenance Director

15 January 2024

Meet Oliver Rigg, Director. Oliver joined Eckersley O’Callaghan in 2023 to lead and strengthen our Facade Access & Maintenance (FAM) service. The group is responsible for the growth and development of Eckersley O’Callaghan’s FAM offering worldwide.

Tell us about your professional journey and introduction to FAM. 
Over 20 years ago, following my Economics degree, I found myself at a crossroads with two job interviews—one with an Oil Company and the other with a “cradle” company, a term I was quite unfamiliar with at the time. Opting for the latter, I accepted the job offer and, to my surprise, was on a 30-storey tower in Stratford the very next day, overseeing the installation of a substantial Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) system from a tower crane. Working for a small company meant wearing multiple hats, requiring me to grasp every aspect of the role, from installation and design to procurement and project management, often all at once. After this period, I transitioned to a larger manufacturer and eventually made my way into consultancy, paving the way to my current role in the field.

Why Eckersley O’Callaghan?
My association with EOC dates back several years, originating from my tenure at Foster + Partners working on the Apple Stores and continuing through my time at D2E. The exceptional quality of the work across a wide spectrum of projects is unparalleled. When the opportunity arose to lead the Facade Access and Maintenance group, I eagerly seized it. Joining such an innovative and creative team, I consider it a privilege and look forward to contributing substantial value to the existing Eckersley O’Callaghan proposition.

What’s the importance of having an in-house FAM team ?
Facade access is a critical facet of facade design, as inadequately maintained or inaccessible facades can result in costly remedial works. A poorly designed access system also poses considerable risks to operatives. With EOC’s extensive experience in designing challenging buildings and structures, having an in-house Access and Maintenance service is indispensable. It demonstrates comprehensive competency in designing complex envelopes, adding substantial value to clients by ensuring early consideration of requirements in the design stages and the ongoing maintenance of our buildings.

What are you passionate about ?
In a broader sense, everything! Specifically within our work, the exciting developments in robotics within our industry have caught my attention. These innovations offer a safe and sustainable approach to access solutions, and we are keenly interested in further developing them on numerous upcoming projects.