Apple Boylston Street

Large new-build store with basement on very poor ground, adjacent to senstive historic buildings on timber piles.


Spectacular two storey high glass spiral staircase, cantilevering off a central loadbearing glass drum.


Boston MA


Bohlin Cywinski Jackson


Apple Inc

We were responsible for the entire structure of this new five storey building in the historic centre of Boston, Massachusetts. 

The new piled basement sits below the waterline in the challenging Back Bay area. Careful consideration of the foundations was needed to prevent damage to fragile buildings on either side which sit on timber piles. 

Above street level, the main structure is a steel frame. It derives its lateral stability from frame action. This avoids the need for concrete cores and other vertical structures in the central area of the main retail space. 

The glass facade has a continuous deep recess at ground floor level. Consequently, the massive glass frame supporting the facade is designed as a moment frame, taking vertical support at the roof level only and horizontal restraint at the first floor. The result is a dramatic glass box applied to the front of the building, evoking the 5th Avenue Cube, with an apparently simple glass storefront at street level. 

A two storey glass spiral stair sits in the central space. Similar to the 14th St store in New York, this is supported at floor level with cantilevering glass beams spanning across a central glass drum. 

Apple Boylston Street

815 Boylston Street



United States


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