Highly transparent and minimal glass structures within a new house, dealing with the significant building deflections of an exposed coastal location subject to high wind loads.

Working for the specialist glazing contractor Commercial Glass and Metal, we provided detailed engineering analysis and support for the production of shop drawings of the principal glass elements for this development by a private art collector. The site aspect at Diamond Head encourages views out over the ocean, so there was a strong desire from client and architect to maximise the use of glass.

An all-glass walkway links the design studio to the private art gallery, spanning the external space between the two blocks of the building and cantilevering into the interior of the gallery to make a high-level viewing balcony.

It is formed using four panels of glass creating a structural square tube in section. The glass panels are formed of a variety of laminations depending on function, load and required stiffness, using heat-strengthened and tempered glass substrates.

Given the wind loads on such an exposed site and the potential for seismic activity, the studio and gallery can potentially move very differently to one another. The movement joint at the studio was carefully detailed. A high-performance coating on the glass provides some respite from the solar gain while maintaining transparency.

Diamond Head, Hawaii


Bohlin Cywinski Jackson