Redesign of Lancaster University’s ‘Spine’, a circulation route that runs through the centre of the university campus.

Eckersley O’Callaghan started work on the Lancaster University Spine project in September 2014, with construction work due to complete in May 2019. We are involved in the redesign of the ‘Spine’ – the university’s central circulation route – which runs for a kilometre through the centre of the university campus.

The design re-imagines the existing canopy structures that connect to over 20 different buildings, to enhance natural light, improve lighting and way-finding generally, and redefine a series of squares outside key buildings. With green roofs, wetlands and improved drainage, the design also adds a sustainable focus to the university. EOC has provided structural engineering services as part of the canopy design and civil engineering services in relation to the extensive landscaping works. 

We are working closely with the architect, landscape designers and services consultants to develop the designs. Our work focuses on the canopy structures and a series of pop-up pavilions that link the university’s central square to the bus station below it.

We are looking at prefabrication as a means of enabling the university to remain operational while the work is carried out, with phased delivery of works to support this.

Lancaster, UK

Lancaster University

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