Refurbishment of existing retail stores, using an elegant palette of materials and contemporary details to unify the shopfronts while respecting their historical setting.

Eckersley O’Callaghan provided engineering services for both concept design and execution of these refurbished luxury retail stores. Located in the Marais cultural district of Paris, the shopfronts sit beneath historical residential buildings, and were designed to respect the original architecture.

Original cornices were retained or, in the case of those that had been destroyed, reconstructed. A material palette of bronze frames, cut stone, and stucco combines to reference and enhance the elegance of the original structures, yet with contemporary details that bring the designs in line with modern standards.


We also carried out detailed strengthening works of the existing steel structure and conversion of the cellars. The residences above remained occupied throughout the works, which necessitated careful coordination of the building programme.




Jamie Fobert Architects