The creation of a transformational new digital culture centre with a sculptural, diagrid timber roof for the city of Lomme in northern France.

The new Trinum centre will be fitting of the future with its digitally designed sweeping freeform diagrid roof, housing a new living lab, digital vizualisation room, 500 seats, 1000 standing multipurpose hall, snack bar, community centre and offices.

Eckersley O’Callaghan undertook the design for the new 4400m2 roof and it’s supporting structure, the curtain walls, facades and metal/timber cladding. To achieve the flowing geometry of the roof, the team seamlessly passed the data for the design from the analytical model, to the BIM model using a mix of cutting edge software and bespoke scripting.

The timber roof comprises beams of varying depths will either be efficiently laser cut from solid laminated veneer lumber (LVL) 123mm thick panels or made up of two vertical panels 51mm thick sandwiching a 21mm wide LVL lamella. Mechanical and electrical services will be co-ordinated and embedded to create a stunning expressed structure internally. The roof will be clad in a rain screen facade made up of a mixture of either timber or aluminium panels of blue or white.

Lomme, France

City of Lomme & Lile Métropole

Jakob + MacFarlane