Concrete House

New residence constructed using in-situ reinforced concrete, exposed externally and internally with a central insulated cavity.


London N5

Azman Owens Architect

Geraldine Bedell and Charles Leadbeater

Michael Manser wrote that the Concrete house was “a demonstration of a labour of aspiration and love, by its owner, architect and structural engineers”.


For us, the challenge lay not in innovating, but rather in designing a structure that could achieve the architectural ambition within a tight budget that precluded the use of a specialist concrete contractor.


We decided to use a planar reinforced concrete structure fully exposed internally and externally, and cast the walls in situ complete with internal insulation. This required very careful detailing of all joints and ties in concrete forms as these would all be visible in the completed work. Close collaboration was needed between all parties including; designers, contractors and sub-contractors.

The result exceeded expectations, with the house garnering a cluster of nominations and awards.


RIBA award winner, 2003

Manser Medal nomination, 2003

Civic Trust award winner

Architectural Journal New Build nomination, 2003


Read more about the Concrete House in The Architects Journal September 2003, The RIBA Journal April 2003 and in the book written about the project ‘The Handmade House – A Love Story set in Concrete’ by Geraldine Bedell (Penguin – Viking).


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