Apple Rundle features a large and totally transparent glass facade with large central glass doors protected by an overhead glass canopy.

Apple Rundle Place is located on Adelaide’s premier pedestrianised shopping street. The store occupies a large frontage area and features a 6m high, all glass facade split into five panels with a central set of glass doors under a 1m deep, 5m wide cantilevering glass canopy. We have designed all of the specialist glass elements for the store.

The glass panels are supported by two slender internal glass fins on either side of the canopy which disappear into the store. The two outermost panels of glass are silicone bonded to the inner panels for maximum transparency of the facade.

The glass canopy is supported entirely by the glass facade and is fixed back to the flanking glass fins with a pair of fully bespoke stainless steel bolted glass connections on either side. Setting blocks, embedded in the glass plies, allow some of the load of the canopy to be taken on the facade panels.

Adelaide, Australia


Geyer Design