Construction of a new luxury residential building on an extremely constrained site. Features four storeys of apartments over retail space and a sub-basement car park.

Eckersley O’Callaghan provided structural engineering services for this luxury development, which is on a very tight site in Hampstead, adjacent to a major public road and backing onto Elm Park. The site’s constraints presented significant challenges in the sequencing and logistics of basement and foundation construction. Financial targets also limited the option to use proprietary temporary works.

Using a team of engineers with extensive experience of basement works, we worked closely with the construction team to review construction techniques and sequences, supported by 3D modelling, to deliver a cost-effective scheme.

Above ground, the vertical elements of the concrete superstructure required coordination so that they landed around designated car parking spaces in the basement. Most of the vertical elements were transferred to the perimeter retaining wall or central stability cores. Various time history analyses were carried out to limit the deflections of these members, which would have been compounded on the upper floors.

London, UK

Bellis Construction

Wolff Architects