The first building in the first eco-friendly district of Paris, providing 183 flats for students and research scientists.

The new structure provides 183 flats for students and research scientists (90 student flats and 93 flats for scientists) with 500m² commercial space at the ground level. The building has a simple polygonal shape and is built around a planted courtyard.

The commercial and communal areas are at ground level, with two additional three-storey high segments placed on top, each forming a juxtaposed and superposed block.

The concrete facade is insulated by the exterior, the floors are supported by shear walls perpendicular to the facade. There are at least two high windows per room. The frames and openings are completely masked by an exterior golden anodized aluminium skin which accentuates the cleanliness of the perforations of the facade.

Our design of thermal insulation has reduced energy consumption to about 30 % below the current thermal regulation requirements. The installation of 160m² of solar thermal panels on the roof contributes to domestic hot water production.

A sustainable drainage system recovered rain water from the roof where it is stored in a cistern for sanitary use and to water the private garden. The residence is certified BBC (Building with Low Energy Consumption) and has a H&E A- profile label.


Espacil Habitat

Hauvette et Associés