Redevelopment of a mixed-use commercial and retail building with a new, distinctive envelope for the courtyard and roof.

The Weill Group’s office at 8 rue Livingstone in Paris’ 18th Arrondissement dates back to 1922. The six-storey building is organised around a central square courtyard and has undergone several structural changes over the years.

Our scope included the design of a refreshed envelope to the internal courtyard – introducing new steelwork and roof with a glazed facade, framed in copper, to increase light into the office spaces. The major structural refurbishment also included forming a new atrium in the existing ground floor and a new facade to the ‘courette’ courtyard.

The construction was carried out while the building was occupied, requiring careful project management and logistics in this tight site to minimise the impact of the construction. Phase 1 (the refurbishment of the third floor and above) was completed in summer 2015; with Phase 2 (below the third floor) ending Spring 2016.

Paris, France


Moussafir Architectes Associés