Design of the world’s tallest hybrid timber tower with a reduction in embodied carbon of up to 50%.

2023 CTBUH Future Project Award
2021 World Architecture Award
– Future Office Project
2021 Holcim Awards – Commendation
2020 Holcim Awards for Asia Pacific – Bronze

We are providing the structural and facade design for the world’s tallest hybrid timber building in Sydney, Australia.

The new approximately 40-storey high building is being designed in conjunction with New York-based architect SHoP, who will work in partnership with Australian firm BVN and will provide a new headquarters for technology giant Atlassian.

The groundbreaking design of timber, with a glass and steel facade will include a mix of outdoor and indoor spaces and will use an energy-efficient approach that features natural ventilation and large planted terraces giving access to nature. The building is leading edge in its application of Mass Timber Construction (MTC).

In line with Atlassian’s commitment to operate on 100% renewable energy and reach net zero emissions by 2050, the project will target:

  • 50% less embodied carbon in construction compared to a conventional building
  • 50% less energy consumption compared with a new conventionally operated building and solar panels in the vertical facades, to generate green power on-site
  • The building will operate on 100% renewable energy from day one and include solar panels built into the facade.

Measuring at approximately 180m this will be the tallest commercial hybrid timber building in the world. The tower includes a steel exoskeleton that supports the mega floors between neighbourhoods.

The current design also incorporates an electricity-generating facade system with self-shade capabilities to reduce direct heat gain internally. Combined with the use of mass timber, the innovative facade enables the project to leverage Sydney’s temperate climate to help reduce carbon emissions and generate on site energy.

Sydney, Australia