Triple Grade-A office tower with a highly efficient facade design, contributing to a sustainability strategy that will set new standards in Hong Kong.

Standing 195m tall, Two Taikoo Place has a 15m high podium at its base which features the world’s tallest prestressed rod, a full-height glass facade and the first large deflection glass facade in Hong Kong.

Eckersley O’Callaghan provided facade and specialist glass engineering services for Swire Properties’ iconic new addition to their Taikoo Place development which sets new standards in energy performance.

Across the 190m high facade, we used the latest developments in glazing production to ensure high levels of light transmission, designed external shading fins to reduce solar gain and chose insulated glass units with high performance coatings. Together, these measures formed part of an energy efficiency strategy that enabled the project to achieve BEAM Plus (HK) and LEED Platinum certifications.

The facade was designed as a unitised system with 3m wide units offering uninterrupted views to the Hong Kong Harbour. In addition, geometric optimisation studies of the conically curved corner panels were performed to reduce the number of unique panels by 60% and maximise the number of glass fabricator suppliers. This resulted in a cost reduction without affecting the architectural intent.

The building’s base also features a 15m tall podium facade, realised in a frameless structural glazed system using integrated pre-tensioned stainless steel rods – a first of its kind in Asia.

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