Grade A office tower in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central financial district with a unique, feature event space at the top of the 200m tower known as the Banquet Hall.

The Banquet Hall is enclosed by a 600m2 skylight structure – an integrated composition of glass and long-span steelwork that maximises transparency. Without internal columns, 17m long steel beams acting as the primary frame are precambered to limit deflections. Glass beams, acting as secondary structure, support glass roof panels forming the double curved envelope have been rationalised as flat and cylindrical individual panels to improve buildability.


Around the perimeter of the Banquet Hall, 7.5m tall glass walls are frameless, without mullions or glass fins, offering uninterrupted views across the city.

With high design wind loads in Hong Kong, especially at height, the challenge is to minimise element sizes to enable the architectural ambition. The sensitivity to movements and interaction of the structure as a whole has called for highest level of analysis and detailing.

Central, Hong Kong

Henderson Land

Zaha Hadid Architects