Spotlight on Rising Talent | Rocco Boselli and Emiliano Adam Cerutti

12 January 2024

In a recent triumph at Eckersley O’Callaghan,  Rocco Boselli and Emiliano Adam Cerutti (Adam) have clinched noteworthy accolades, with Rocco named ‘Young Facade Engineer of the Year’ at the SFE Awards 2023 and Adam securing ‘Graduate of the Year’ at the CN Awards 2023. Their journeys at Eckersley O’Callaghan, marked by technical prowess and impactful contributions, shed light on the company’s commitment to cultivating exceptional talent in the field of facade engineering.

In 2018 Rocco started his internship at the London office. During this time he focused on the design of blast-resistant facades. Applying blast loads to the facade systems of an ongoing stadium project, Rocco aimed to enhance his personal understanding of the subject and create an internal guide for future projects within the company. This initiative aimed to fill a knowledge gap in the relatively understudied area of blast-resistant facade design.

Between 2019 and 2020, Rocco played a pivotal role in our research and development initiatives. Collaborating with colleagues, he developed a tool for calculating the embodied carbon of facades, utilising Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and accumulated database information. This tool now supports designers in the early stages of projects, providing insights into potential environmental enhancements for clients and architects.

As a facade engineer, Rocco is deeply involved in mitigating global energy-related carbon emissions associated with construction processes. His focus extends to the refurbishment of existing buildings, employing a multifaceted approach that includes preservation, renovation, and enhancement of established structures and facades. Beyond contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions, this approach safeguards historical and heritage values by enabling the reuse of otherwise lost buildings.

Looking forward, Rocco envisions a future where deliberate design facilitates the disassembly and reuse of building components. His research into Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) explores innovative ways to design buildings with an emphasis on disassembly, recyclability of facade systems, and sustainable practices for a more environmentally conscious construction industry.

Adam also started his journey as an intern at Eckersley O’Callaghan. Starting in April 2021, he swiftly progressed to the role of Graduate Facade Engineer by September of the same year. Adam’s technical expertise and interpersonal skills align with EOC’s “specialist generalist” mindset, emphasising safety, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability in facade design while harmonising with architectural vision and minimising carbon emissions.

His achievements in environmental analyses have earned him significant recognition. His MSc thesis, conducted in collaboration with EOC, won the prestigious ‘Best Thesis Abroad’ scholarship at Politecnico di Milano in April 2022. Adam’s commitment to knowledge sharing is evident in the ‘Ladybug Training Course’ he conducts internally at EOC, enhancing fellow engineers’ skills for environmental analyses in facade design.

Adam’s contributions extend beyond the office. His participation in the research and development paper titled ‘Contrasting Facade Design Parameters’ demonstrates his eagerness to advance the field. Presenting this paper at the Advanced Building Skins conference in Bern further solidifies Adam’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of environmental design.

His proficiency in digital design and building physics, coupled with his active involvement in R&D efforts, are some of many factors contributing to his award. His adaptability, extensive project involvement, and contributions to environmental design services make him a valuable asset to the company. Despite his youth, Adam’s ability to engage in intellectual debates and contribute meaningfully to discussions showcase his talent and potential, making him a promising figure in the facade engineering industry.