Apple Union Square

Engineering transparency for Apple's flagship store in San Francisco, featuring 13m tall sliding glass doors.


San Francisco



Foster + Partners




For Apple’s Flagship Store located in San Francisco’s Union Square, Foster + Partners envisaged an open monumental space that blurs the line between the public and retail program, transforming the store into a civic space. This was achieved by incorporating 45’ tall single sheet glass facade panels and two central epic 20’ wide x 45’ tall sliding doors.


Eckersley O’Callaghan acted as Engineer of Record for the design of the structural glass and moving door elements that are required to sustain heavy seismic loads and building structure movements.

The store also contains two interior structural glass
staircases that utilize 40’ long single sheet laminated glass stringers with embedded tread fittings to achieve an elegant all glass aesthetic.

Extensive dynamic analysis of both the facade and
stair systems was required to ensure the seismic
performance with particular attention to the rolling
door mechanisms which are required to support net vertical seismic uplift forces.

Apple Union Square

300 Post St

San Francisco

CA 94108


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