An office building spanning 24,000 m2, adorned with a limestone facade and punched windows.

BREEAM Excellent
Wired Score Platinum

Eckersley O’Callaghan is the facade consultant for this commercial office building in the heart of the City of London, which will provide over 22,000 square metres of workspace. The building is located on a constrained site and reaches 15 storeys in height, with a series of roof terraces at different levels. The structure has a 15m grid for maximum flexibility of use.

The facade is composed of natural limestone and has punched windows arranged in alternating bays as projecting, flush or recessed to animate the building’s appearance.

This varied alignment of the glazing modules creates technical challenges in achieving the required thermal performance and maintaining continuity of the weather line.

A curtain wall system has been adopted to ensure speedy construction and high-quality detailing. We have developed a unitised sequence and set of details that allows the stone to be set with a traditional monolithic appearance without a grid of aligned vertical joints.

London, UK


TP Bennett