Facade design for a tech orientated office tower that brings the energy and identity of Silicon Valley to downtown San Jose’s urban core.

The iconic design of 200 Park, a 19-story tower is set to redefine the city’s cultural district while acting as a gateway to the City’s downtown core and the proposed Diridon Station. Vast floorplates allow for varied and flexible configurations. Cutting edge light canyons carved into the structure ensures every floor is bathed in natural light. Outdoor terraces on every floor provide room to breathe and unique opportunities for collaboration.

Eckersley O’Callaghan have carried out the façade design for the new structure which has two distinctly different facade approaches. The external facade has texture with stainless steel recessed ‘megaframes’ glazing panels, and the slanted/inclined ‘canyon’ facades which are cut into the volume of the building and connected with link bridges.

Differential movement between the bridge beams and the floor slabs had to be accommodated not only in the facade panels but also the doors onto the link bridges. Another important aspect of the design was to understand the impact of stainless steel fins that form the protruding window as well as the recessed metal bands/frames with the different fixing and manufacturing techniques on the flatness of the panels.

The system has been designed to be fully unitised and can therefore be assembled in a factory and installed in one piece, saving installation time on site while improving the quality of the system. Because of this fully integrated design and the inclined external elevation, the team overcame significant geometrical complexities to incorporate the unitised system.

San Jose

Jay Paul Company