The One Manhattan West podium facade is a 45’ tall structural glass fin wall constructed by W&W Glass, LLC with Eckersley O’Callaghan, LLC working on the contractor team producing the final engineering and shop drawings.

2020 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Professional Project Award
– Overall Project
2020 AIA New York’s Design Award
– Architecture Merit
2020 AEI Excellence Award in Architectural Engineering Integration
2020 AEI Merit for Structural Systems Design
2020 AEI Professional Project Award
– Overall Project


The facade consists of laminated glass panels approximately 10’ wide and 15’ tall which are structural silicone glazed to a custom fabricated stainless steel adapter channel that in turn is structurally glazed to structural glass fins spanning the full 45’ height; making them some of the largest single pieces of glass in New York City.

Due to the geometry of the building, the east face of the facade (front entrance) follows a radial path which is different at the head and sill; this made all of the podium panels unique and trapezoidal. As a result, the fins supporting these panels are not vertical, with the top of the facade overhanging the base of the facade by around 10”. The structural system of the building, which is dictated by site condition, does not have exterior columns that are continuous to the ground floor level and as such created challenges for the facade design which needed to accommodate the reasonably large differential movements between the sill and head connections. This led to mechanical attachments at both the head and sill which allow the fins to rotate and for the building to move whilst still maintaining the structural restraint required to support the facade.

New York, NY